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Vrede Box is a series of medium format film box camera, manufactured by Vredeborch GmbH, Nordenham, Germany. A large number of cameras were made for other distributors with their own name. Vrede Box models were the basis for many name variations, such as Filmor, Fodor, G-M-Box, Haaga, Helios, Hanimex, Joy-Box, Manex, Monty, N-Box, Prinz Pilot, Photopia, Regia Box, Slomexa, Texar, Union.

There are many models and versions of the Vrede Box. Sometimes the camera fronts with the names have been used indiscriminately, so a Standard has a self-timer or a Paloma has none. Early versions of the cameras has diagonally hand-strap on the top, late ones straight hand-strap. Some cameras have no model name on the front.

Vrede Box cameras were made in many flavors and colors. In fact, through the 1950s and 60s, Vredeborch GmbH manufactured an enormous number of cameras that were sold under other brands, in addition to their own line.

Like many box camera manufacturers, naming didn't always follow a strict system and thus one can find many different features on cameras of the same name. The "Standard-Menis" version seems to be the most common.

Some obscure branded cameras made by Vredeborch are very rare, and often, very beautifully styled - but they all are born of the Vrede Box.

The Vrede Box Standard-Menis is quite a feature-packed but lightweight machine, with a lot of advantages for maintenance and usage. It scores well above average on our scale. If there is a drawback to this camera, it's that the very thin all-metal body can can be prone to rust, and the faceplate and film door may need adjustment to fit tightly in a well-used camera.

This camera begins a strong feature set with a Time mode and an extra aperture, each on separate pull-out tabs above the shutter. The shutter is a snappy "Always Off" style (as we call it), and just below the shutter - a socket for a cable release!

A small knob on the front of the camera slides a yellow filter into place. Unlike the similar feature on Agfa Ansco cameras, this filter can be used with either aperture.

Being a camera of the 1950s, it has three features we really love - 2 standard tripod sockets for portrait or landscape orientation - and a PC socket to attach any electronic flash or studio lights.

The viewfinders are exceptionally bright. The taking lens is inside the camera, however there is also a glass protector lens in the faceplate!

The Vrede Box is very easy to disassemble should you need to clean the viewfinders, filter or protector lens - or to adjust the tiny brush that fires the flash, should it cease to work reliably (a common issue easily solved!)

Rounding out the outstanding features, is an all-metal film holder that keeps your rolls tight.

Name Vrede Box
Manufacturer Vredeborch GmbH, Nordenham
Made in Nordenham, Germany
Production Date  
Type 120 film, medium format film box camera
Picture Size 6x9cm
Normal Lens f/8 meniscus lens
Lens Mount  
Shutter 1/30 (?)
Dimensions & Weight  
Production Period  
No Produced  
Original Price