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SX-70 Alpha 1:

Produced: 1977-19?? / Original Retail: $233.00

Similar to SX-70 (Original Model), except:

  • Has "fill-flash" capability (using Flashbars)
  • Has tripod socket and neck strap lugs.

COLLECTOR'S NOTES: Early production models are simply labeled "SX-70 Alpha" with no number. The example of an 'unnumbered' Alpha I've seen has black leather covering rather than tan. Other color variations of this camera may exist-- I've also seen a black-on-black version as well.
A limited-edition gold-tone version of the Alpha 1 exists.
NOTE: 'SE' (Special Edition) and 'Sears Special' (Sears stores) versions were also produced. There was also a Revue-branded version for sale in Foto-Quelle camera stores in Europe.


Source: http://www.landlist.ch/landlist/landdcam-sx70.htm

Source: http://www.landlist.ch/landlist/landdcam-sx70.htm