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The Mamiya Ruby Standard is a leaf-shutter fixed-lens rangefinder introduced by Mamiya in August 1961. It features a coupled selenium match-needle lightmeter. The lens is a Mamiya-Kominor 48mm f/2.0 and the shutter is a Copal SVK. This camera was sold in the Unites States by Sears as the Tower 18B.

From 1948 the Mamiya range became more diversified, with the introduction of the Mamiyaflex series of 6×6 TLRs in 1948, the Mamiya 35 series of 35mm fixed lens rangefinder in 1949 and the Mamiya 16 series of 16mm film subminiature cameras in the same year. Together with the Mamiya Six, these four series were the basis of the Mamiya range throughout the 1950s. In 1950, the company name was changed to Mamiya Kōki Kabushiki Kaisha (マミヤ光機㈱, Mamiya Optical Co., Ltd.). The last Mamiya Six version appeared in 1958.

Name Mamiya 35 Ruby Standard
Manufacturer Mamiya Kōki Kabushiki Kaisha
Made in Japan
Production Date  
Type 35mm Fixed lens rangefinder
Series 35 Series
Picture Size 24 x 36 mm
Normal Lens Mamiya Kominar 48mm f/2.0 (6 elements in 5 groups)
Lens Mount  
Focus Double image coincidence rangefinder
Shutter Copal SVK leaf shutter with self-timer, B + 1 - 1/500
Dimensions & Weight 80 × 131 × 67mm · 684g
Production Period August 1961 -
No Produced  
Original Price ¥ 19,500